Compact footprint, high-density firewall for virtualized and cloud environments.

cSRX* provides advanced security services, including content security, AppSecure, and unified threat management in a container form-factor. With its small footprint and Docker as a container management system, cSRX enables agile, high-density security service deployment.

Businesses increasingly rely on container technology for developing applications. Using Docker containers substantially reduces overhead, because each container shares the host’s OS. Regardless of how many containers a server hosts, only one OS instance is in use. And because of containers’ lightweight quality, a server can host many more container instances than virtual machines (VMs) can, yielding tremendous improvements in utilization.

The cSRX container firewall, like other containers, differs from VMs in several important ways. It runs with no guest OS overhead, has a notably smaller footprint, and is easier to migrate or download. It uses less memory, and its spinup time measures in subseconds—all leading to higher density at a lower cost.

Junos Space Security Director improves policy configuration, management, and visibility for both physical and virtual assets through a common, centralized platform. Security Director provides a single pane of glass for managing firewall policies consistently across vSRX, cSRX, and SRX Series platforms.

For service providers and organizations that deploy service-oriented applications, the cSRX presents a portfolio of containerized security services. Included among these are: intrusion prevention system (IPS), AppSecure, and unified threat management (UTM). These cSRX capabilities support a variety of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) use cases.

The cSRX is integrated with Juniper Contrail and OpenStack. Integration with third-party software-defined network (SDN) solutions is enabled through common management interfaces across the SRX family.

• Purpose-built virtual, small footprint appliance delivering high-density security services for virtualized environments and applications.
• Deployable in a Docker container.
• Supports highly agile deployments that demand security services with subsecond spinup times.
• Integrates UTM, IPS, and AppSecure 2.0 next-generation firewall (NGFW) services for a comprehensive threat-protection framework.
• Ensures centralized and consistent security policy management across physical and virtual firewalls through Junos Space Security Director.
• Works with Security Director to provide a single pane of glass for managing firewall policies consistently across cSRX, vSRX, and SRX Series platforms.
• Supports SDN and NFV through integration with Contrail, OpenStack, and third-party SDN solutions.


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