Defending the enterprise campus, data center edge, and data center core

SRX4000 Services Gateways are high-performance, highly available next-generation firewalls designed to secure small to medium-sized enterprise campuses and data centers.

The SRX4000 line of services gateways brings you integrated security and networking features for protecting next-generation services and applications. These gateways are designed for small to medium-sized enterprise campuses and data centers. They can also serve as secure routers and VPN concentrators.

The SRX4000 line sets a new benchmark for price and performance while enabling secure migration into hybrid clouds.

The SRX4000 line includes two models, each of which deliver market-leading performance, scalability, and security services in a compact, 1 U platform:

The SRX4100 supports up to 20 Gbps IMIX and 5 Gbps next-generation firewall performance.
The SRX4200 supports up to 40 Gbps IMIX and 10 Gbps next-generation firewall performance.
Both models also offer eight 10GbE small form-factor pluggable plus (SFP+) front-panel ports.

The SRX4100 and SRX4200 also support Juniper Networks Sky Advanced Threat Prevention, a cloud-based service that continuously adapts to an ever-changing threat landscape to provide a dynamic anti-malware solution.

To protect against command and control (C&C) related botnets and Web application threats, the SRX4000 line features integrated security intelligence and policy enforcement based on GeoIP data provided by Juniper feeds. Our commitment to open standards enables users to leverage custom and third-party feeds to defend against advanced malware and other threats.

• Advanced threat protection includes malware protection with Sky Advanced Threat Prevention, security intelligence via Spotlight Secure, policy enforcement based on GeoIP data, UTM (including IPS, application security with AppSecure, user role-based firewall controls, antivirus, antispam, and Web filtering), NAT, DDoS, and QoS.
• Works with the vSRX on Amazon Web Services to enable secure connectivity to the public cloud using rich VPN capabilities.
• Junos Space Security Director provides a comprehensive solution for managing the entire security infrastructure, including physical next-generation SRX Series firewalls as well as vSRX in the public cloud.
• Efficient design and low power consumption deliver industry-leading performance in a 1 U platform that reduces overall TCO.

Junos OS Software version tested  Junos OS 15.1X49
Firewall performance (max)  SRX4100: 40 Gbps
SRX4200: 80 Gbps
IPS performance  SRX4100: 10 Gbps
SRX4200: 20 Gbps
VPN performance  SRX4100: 5 Gbps
SRX4200: 10 Gbps
Maximum concurrent sessions  SRX4100: 5 million
SRX4200: 10 million
New sessions/second (sustained, TCP, 3 way)  SRX4100: 120,000
SRX4200: 240,000
Maximum security policies  16,000


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