Optimized to secure large enterprise and service provider infrastructures

The SRX5600 Services Gateway supports unique policies in different zones and aggregates security services across the network infrastructure for enterprises and service providers.

The SRX5600 Services Gateway is a next-generation security platform ideally suited for service provider, large enterprise, and public sector networks.

Based on an innovative architecture that provides outstanding performance, scalability, and service integration, the SRX5600 delivers the most open and scalable security platform in the industry. Integrated threat intelligence offers adaptive, customized threat protection against command and control (C&C)-related botnets and malware, as well as dynamic policy enforcement based on GeoIP and threat data, with intelligence from Juniper-provided feeds. In companies that have their own threat collection capabilities, you can also leverage the SRX5600 as an enforcement point for custom and third-party feeds, protecting against advanced threats unique to your industry.

Extraordinary scalability makes the SRX5600 Services Gateway particularly well suited for securing large enterprise data centers, service provider infrastructures, and next-generation services and applications, as well as enforcing unique per-zone security policies.

The SRX5600 supports firewall performance of up to 960 Gbps, advanced anti-threat capabilities, and an unprecedented 100 million concurrent user sessions on a highly reliable system, with six-nines availability.

• Comprehensive protection includes multigigabit firewall; open, actionable threat intelligence via Spotlight Secure; dynamic policy enforcement based on GeoIP and Command & Control (C&C) threat data; and support for custom and third-party threat feeds.
• Advanced security services include IPS, application security (AppSecure), user role-based firewall controls, UTM (antivirus, antispam, Web filtering), Network Address Translation (NAT), denial of service (DoS), and quality of service (QoS).
• Express Path, an optimization capability available on the next-generation line cards (IOCII), securely optimizes SRX5600 performance to improve IMIX bandwidth by identifying traffic flows that do not require additional inspection or deep processing.
• Scalable performance enables additional services without degradation.
• System and network resiliency ensures six nines of carrier-class reliability from redundant hardware and components, as well as Junos OS software.
• Interface flexibility meets the needs of any network.
• Network segmentation allows administrators to tailor security and policies.
• Robust Routing Engine (RE) separates data and control planes to allow use of consolidated routing and security devices.

Junos OS Software version tested  Junos OS 15.1×49
Firewall performance (max)  130 Gbps (960 Gbps with Express Path)
IPS performance  50 Gbps
VPN performance  100 Gbps
Maximum concurrent sessions  114 million
New sessions/second (sustained, TCP, 3 way)  1 million
Maximum security policies  Unrestricted


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